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Rashmi Jolly Dalai

Communications Strategist, Writer

Singapore / New York 


Rashmi J. Dalai is a communications strategist and writer with 15+ years experience and regional expertise in Asia. She's passionate about helping organizations and professionals communicate clearly and effectivity. She creates communication strategies that drive results, and communications and marketing collateral that tell great stories, unify organizations, build brands, and strengthen investor and customer relationships. She also trains professionals on interpersonal and written communications skills. 

Her client list includes Goldman Sachs, Proctor & Gamble, General Motors and other top-tier MNC's. Her articles have been published in a number of international publications including The Wall Street Journal and Future Ready Singapore. 

She started her career on Wall Street and holds a Masters in International Finance and Banking from Columbia University. She has a BA in International Affairs from Johns Hopkins University. 

She has lived in New York, London, Shanghai, and Bali. She currently resides in Singapore with her husband and two young children. For more, click on her LinkedIn Bio.